Launch Scrapoxy at startup


Scrapoxy is installed with a valid configuration (see Quick Start).

Step 1: Install PM2

sudo npm install -g pm2

Step 2: Launch PM2 at instance startup

sudo pm2 startup ubuntu -u <YOUR USERNAME>
  1. Replace ubuntu by your distribution name (see PM2 documentation).

  2. Replace YOUR USERNAME by your Linux username

Step 3: Create a PM2 configuration

Create a PM2 configuration file scrapoxy.json5 for Scrapoxy:

  apps : [
      name         : "scrapoxy",
      script       : "/usr/bin/scrapoxy",
      args         : ["start", "<ABSOLUTE PATH TO CONFIG>/conf.json", "-d"],
      kill_timeout : 30000,

Step 4: Start configuration

pm2 start scrapoxy.json5

Step 5: Save configuration

pm2 save

Step 6: Stop PM2 (optional)

If you need to stop Scrapoxy in PM2:

pm2 stop scrapoxy.json5